Meet the Maker

Weaving with Amy Ilic

This is a little late...but better late then never hey!

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to have the talented Amy Ilic teaching a beginners weaving class in our gallery space. The gallery was full to the brim with beautifully created hangings and swatches of woven fabrics.

Each setting having a mini loom, a pair of scissors and cotton yarn ready to begin. With piles of yarns to choose from to create an individual piece at the end of the table the possibilities for these little projects were endless. 

Before long the group was off and each taking their own personality to their hanging. The lovely Amy guiding each with little tricks and techniques of knotting and twisting yarn to create texture and personality. 

The thing that struck me the most was how different each piece was becoming. The colour pallets were all stunning, and so reflective of each individual. Each member of the group becoming immersed in their creation. I knew it was going well because each person had their head down chatting to the next person about ideas and focusing intently on what was in hand, not worrying about work or family or chores, just nattering about the little weave they had in front of them. 

At the end of their mornings work each had a beautifully finished piece of artwork for their wall, it was such a lovely day! We look forward to having more weaving workshops in the future! 

Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker: 06, Katie Housley

Im thrilled to introduce Katie Housley to our meet the maker series.

I am lucky to house Katie's work in our store and I love it! With effortless style, and hand finished details the stationery that she designs down in Hove are simply beautiful.

With a touch of humour Katie's work is a breath of fresh air and her story and her brand are just as refreshing. 

Go and check out more of Katie's work here.

Go and check out more of Katie's work here.

A little bit about her brand:

Katie housley is a luxury stationery company based by the sea in Hove,  England. 

I started designing paper goods after having my children and rethinking my career - it gave me the push to be brave and start my own company. 

My stationery is inspired by nature, plants, texture and colour. Many of my cards are hand finished combining original illustrations with added textures applied by hand for a luxurious finish. 

Five facts:



My son often joins me when I'm painting - children paint without hesitation, it's a good reminder not to overthink design.



I love doing the monotonous tasks of my job - envelope stuffing is wonderfully therapeutic! 



I'm a total food snob - I love nothing more than cooking (and eating) all day long. 



My guilty pleasure is leopard print, i can't resist it! 



I'm exhibiting at my first trade show (Top Drawer) in Jan - excited at scared all at the same time!

Thank you so much Katie for taking part!  Such an inspirational lady!

If you would like to take part in the meet the maker series get in touch!


Our opening night

A little late but hey...better then never right?!

SO, let me re-wind the clock back to the night the store opened. It was Friday the 6th of August, a lovely sunny day of madness. I got to the shop after walking my babe and putting him down for his morning nap then my feet didn't hit the floor. I was like the road runner! Then 10.30am arrived and who do I see drive down the lane.. my dear friend Kate "right lets get this done" she says, i swear my entire body relaxed and took a huge sigh of relief....before we knew it it was 6pm and I had less than an hour to go! We had finished merchandising, the till point, swept a million times but yet still had so many little details to finalise...the crazy haze descended and some kind of super speed took over the clocks! 

With five minuets to go I jumped in my car (the only semi-privet place), changed out of my painty, dusty, spider web covered clothes and into a dress that I brought whilst working as a display co-ordinator saying "one day I will wear this in my art gallery come store selling loads of lovely handmade things...." I totally said it feeling like that was a pretty massive statement and an equally massive dream....but here I was. Less than five minutes now until I opened the doors to my very own shop. A place that I have dreamt of for many years and took on the project of making it happen when my boy was less that 4months old, mad?.....potentially!...but it felt oh so good! 

Before long the store was full! The Kingfisher Flower girls were inundated with eager floral fans itching to get their floral crown session going and the store was a hub of people looking around, looking up into the beams and soaking up all the handmade, designed and beautifully produced items that I am so bless to be stocking. 

I couldn't have asked for a better, most enriching and inspiring night. My baby boy was snoozing in the garden, my friends and family were there if not in body in spirit and there was a cue at the till! How did that happen I said to my self! 

That night I locked the doors drove home and sat on my kitchen floor, the rest of the house asleep and I just sat there alone in amazement and in awe of what had just happened. The store was open. OPEN. GREAT. OPEN. ALIVE. OPEN! 

SO bring on the next year and what this has to offer us! 

Stay tuned, for many new suppliers, workshops, Pop-Ups, art lessons and much more! 

Thank you to my good friend Chris Adam for his fine Photography skills!

Meet the Maker

Meet & Maker: 05, ED

I have been so so lucky to have the wildly talented Erin Donohoe with her dreamy indepantant textile label ED in the &hobbs gallery.

Erin's work is thoughtful, her colour work is stunning and the way in which she styles the scarves adds an element of strength for us ladies.  A range of wearable art for the inner wonderer. 

Erin is the first artist in the gallery and I am so lucky that I have had such an inspiring lady by my side in the new store. With her new range launching on Thursday 11th August in the gallery I thought it only right that we find out a little more about Erin and her brand. 

So here are her five facts and a little glimpse of her life as creative, designer, and mother.

“My scarves are designed to bring any outfit to life. A burst of colour to give instant sophistication and that ‘face’ (as I like to call it) of inner confidence when you feel great about your look. I particularly enjoy wearing the scarves as a head turban - it makes me feel like a strong woman, ready to take on anything - a Grace Jones kind of vibe”.

The stunning Erin and her 5 facts: 

Click through to Erin's website. Image: Chloe Hardwick 

Click through to Erin's website. Image: Chloe Hardwick 

1. I am obsessed with wild flowers and love to paint them. 

2. My favourite car is a Morris Minor. 

3. I dislike mushrooms

4. I love helping women feel more confident

5. My daughter Skye inspires me everyday

Thank you so much to Erin for joining us for the meet the maker and for being such an inspirational woman.

When Erin fist showed me her collection I was blown away, the colour was one thing I fell for immediately but the other was that it took me back about ten years. To a girl who I miss dearly, a girl that wore items that made her feel independent and unique. A feeling she only gained with scarves around her waist and bangles jangling around both arms. That girl is of course me, and after a horrid time at collage, and a huge loss of confidence for many reasons that girl quickly disappeared. I know that that person is still there and this collection has most definitely brought her back in one shape or form. When someones work brings part of your life alive, you should grab it with both hands and embrace its joy fully. So thank you Erin for our stunning work and for reminding me of that girl! 

Check this lady out for certain!