Meet the Maker

Meet The Maker: 01,me myself & i.

Welcome to my first Meet the Maker post, as I often express my aim is to be apart of & hopefully help create, a collective of creatives. My venture has always been an avenue for me to see the new & meet those behind the ideas. 

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in a small workshop with Anthropologie in my Local town of Guildford. With a busy schedule I thought that this could be a perfect occasion where people could actually meet me & see how I work & in what manor. Thus, meet the maker was taken from my little mind & into the real world.

It was fantastic. I felt that all those ideas whirling around my head of getting to know the person behind the work was realised. Meeting local individuals keen to find out more I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue. So here it is, each week or ever fortnight I will be feathering a new artist & an insight to their world.

To get us in the groove, here is my very own Meet the Maker that was featured on my Instagram after my Anthropologie session, five facts about myself that you may or may not know & an image of what I look like…(I hate pictures of my self. You will often see images of my work, products I find or walks that have opened my mind but very rarely my mug!)

Image taken by Edward Schofield of Cedar Film CO. 

Image taken by Edward Schofield of Cedar Film CO

1) I began the venture of &hobbs in the new year after working as a display artist for two years! Desperate to take the skills that I had learnt & transfer them onto items that can transform your home.
2) I worry about failing this dream every day.
3) one of my most favourite times is when light pours through my windows & I'm painting, it doesn't actually matter what, a piece of vintage home ware or a small water colour. I seem to disappear within it. It's when I feel most natural.
3) any George Michael track, wham or one from his own extensive a sure way to cheer me up! 
4) I am currently 32 weeks pregnant, expecting our first little grub has been such an exciting yet terrifying experience! I cannot wait to see where this little ninja takes us!
5) this creative app has been such a great source of inspiration! It has enabled me to actually meet other creatives in the flesh, which has proven to be invaluable when working on your own! It's opened doors to new projects, new friends & makers that I just had to stock with &hobbs as they immediately felt part of what my end goal is within my brand! 
To create a collection of creatives, a place you can go knowing that you could find something unique! 


So there you go just a little insight to me myself & I!

I'd love to hear a little bit about you lot! 
Image: @cedarfilmco (one of the few people that gets to take my photo!)