Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker: 03, GIRLSCOUT

Welcome to my third Meet the Maker, now this one is a little extra special...each month I aim a selection of cleaver and inspirational makers...but this week it shares the ins and outs of the cleaver brain that designed all of my branding! Additionally, she created the most stunning calendar for us here at &hobbs. So it is my total pleasure to introduce to you all GirlScout!

Laura, aka. GirlScout, is a designer and illustrator currently working full time as a greetings card designer, but in her spare time she loves to work on illustrations and crafts across a variety of mediums, such as embroidery, ceramics, paper craft and of course, drawing and painting.

Since graduating BA(hons) Graphic Design 3 years ago Laura has been working as a designer full-time, whilst also selling her own personal designs in the form of art prints and other decorative items.

She recently had a little dabble into ceramics, with a small collection of hand-painted items that she has been selling locally. This has been something that has been truly enjoyed, and Laura is now currently taking evening classes to learn how to create the vessels themselves, a skill she hopes to utilise to create more products in the future. Embroidery is another love, creating embroidered hoop art of everything from watermelons to succulents. Indulging herself in some really lovely commissions for events such as births, weddings and birthdays, with that lovely feeling when they go down a storm!

Over the past few months Laura has been working on creating a strong illustrative style using ink drawings and folk styling. The collaboration with &hobbs on our 2016 calendar has been the first step towards creating a personal brand and applying it to a product. &hobbs is the first official stockist! (how luck are we!) Although featuring at local craft fairs, and completing commissions for friends and family, this is her first step towards creating a range of products which can hopefully sell through various outlets.

SO here you are, this is the lovely laura and her five facts! 

                                      Click on the image to go straight to Laura's website! 

                                      Click on the image to go straight to Laura's website! 

1)  I started embroidery on a whim whilst at University, after impulsively buying a hoop and some threads at the local market. I instantly loved the beautiful texture that thread creates and have been creating embroidered illustrations ever since :)

2)  It can be really difficult to stay motivated to create personal work whilst maintaining a full time job. Being creative all day luckily my love of drawing and making means that I feel inclined to create new work as much as a hobby as it is for work, but there are still plenty of days when I get home and just want to jump straight into my pyjamas and binge on Netflix!  It can seem like a very slow process but it is good to remember that it’s ok to start small and grow things over time. Ultimately it is my personal work which makes me really happy, and I hope that one day I can be in a position to work on self-motivated projects all day, every day!

3) My absolute dream would be to illustrate a children’s book. There are so many incredible ones out there - much too nice for just children to enjoy! A classic story by Han’s Christian Anderson or little red riding hood would be so much fun to create artwork for!

4) I live for pancakes. The perfect weekend breakfast (or lunch or dinner, let’s be honest!), they’re my absolute favourite with a huge pile of blueberries and a drizzle (ok, big dollop) of honey. Some bacon or nutella on the side doesn’t hurt either!

5) I have no sense of smell! After breaking my nose in a fall when I was little, nerve damage has meant that I now miss out on the smell of fancy perfume and freshly cut grass- but also luckily means I’m spared from much more unpleasant smells too!

Thank you so much Laura for sharing your facts! I wish you all the luck with your big dreams! 

If you would like to be the next Meet the Maker then get in touch! I would love to share your story and the little tales that make you!