Our breakfast table

  Welcome to the sage&hobbs collaboration. Our breakfast table. A project that is so important to me, as it is one that is not only celebrating the beginning of the &hobbs adventure, but the starting line for my sisters food venture Ivy&Sage.  This is us! My sister Kate (right) & myself (left).


Welcome to the sage&hobbs collaboration.

Our breakfast table.

A project that is so important to me, as it is one that is not only celebrating the beginning of the &hobbs adventure, but the starting line for my sisters food venture Ivy&Sage. 

This is us! My sister Kate (right) & myself (left).

A little bit about us, Kate is the eldest & in many ways the wisest. Always very stead fast & sure of her next move.

As her younger sister I have always looked at her for a little guidance when I, (the slightly less directed of the two) have had a cross in the roads as what my next move would be. 

Growing up we were the typical pair, Kate kept me in my place & I returned the favour by letting our parents know when she had rolled up her skirt at school or had eye shadow on at breakfast!

With her natural motherly instincts Kate has looked after me & my youngest brother Tim from day one. Giving our mum a helping hand, as it was a very busy house hold having four of us, a dog Bertie, a parrot named Barclay, & many...many more pets (either purchased or rescued) in between. 

Kate & I are four years apart in age so our interests have often been different, although some how our paths always seem to cross at deferent avenues & happily we get to share the most recent with all of you.

Kate has recently set up her own culinary company Ivy& sage & I, &hobbs. 

Two things that were very present though out our childhood were our home and what was placed on our dinner table.

The kitchen truly was the hub of our home, often with one of us rummaging for something to eat. This was the busiest room in the house, our kitchen table is still in our family home now and although worn (with a few names and doodles etched into it) it is the most memorable place for all of us to be sat around and on nattering away about...well...anything and everything!

To our delight between the two us, we can now celebrate our mother who has played such a huge part in our lives with Kate's culinary delights, and the items of furniture that I gather and adorn. 

I knew straight away that we had to collaborate and with what as our focus.... the most important meal of the day, breakfast. 

Pairing perfect ways to get you going for the day ahead, alongside carefully selected furnishings & furniture. 

We hope that you enjoy, keep an eye out for the next meal heading your way. 

In her own words, I now introduce you to Kate who has inspired me with her enthusiasm for food and a healthy lifestyle. 



Tell us a little bit about you:

Our family have always placed food at the top of our priority list. Having been given hollow legs at birth, the Cook's have always been able to eat and eat well!

In my case, as I grew older, the greedy gene seemed to evolve into something different. 

After spending 5 years working around the world and falling in love with food, I found my way to my next chapter. 

I took a year out to move to London and complete my Leiths Diploma. It was a turning point in my life and sparked the beginning of a boundless passion for cooking and creating beautiful food. 

My full time job is placing Private Chefs in people's homes in London and internationally. It's a great way of getting to 'talk food' all day everyday and meet some truly inspiring individuals, including some exciting new talent. 

Ivy&Sage is my new love... It's my way of expressing and sharing the things that make me happy, with the hope that others will enjoy the journey too. 


What is your favourite space?

Our kitchen at our home in Menorca. We have had our little Casa for 10 years and I have yet to find a room that fills me with more joy and contentment. There is nothing modern or snazzy about it, just a simple, beautiful Spanish kitchen with history and hours of shared dinners with my own family and families before us. No gadgets or fancy gizmos. Just some pretty tiles, an old stone floor and bougainvillea growing around the windows… heaven.


What are your first memories of making a space?

During my time working at sea. 

With a tiny cabin to call my own and working long hours for weeks at a time, I was determined to create a space that felt like home. 


What is an essential in your home?

My little dog Ivy… 


What is the biggest tradition that you remember at home?

Always roast on a Sunday. Mum would never let us down!


 What is your perfect coffee table book?

 Roots by Sarah Britton It's too pretty to keep on the bookshelf! 


What is the perfect way to start your day?

With my favourite smoothie. Banana, mango, spinach, cashew butter and a pinch of cinnamon. A splash of coconut water and your day is off to a good start! 


When a friend is moving into a new place what would you give them as a moving in gift?

Without doubt a white company candle… there's something about them that just says ‘home’.


What are the key things you keep on you at all times?

Can't think of anything clever. Just normal stuff like phone, Vaseline, bronzer..???


What inspires your food?

Quality produce! I am spoilt living in London with amazing ingredients at my fingertips. I'm a sucker for colour and like to keep things simple with a healthy balance of sensible eating and indulgence in equal measure.


Where do you start when cooking for your friends and family?

I like to prepare dishes that people can help themselves to, adjusting the menu depending on who's eating! From marinated steaks, grilled fish, fresh and zesty ceviche, roasted chicken with plenty of lemon, salads, steamed veg… whatever it turns out to be, the odds are there will always be enough for an army.


What would you cook for me?

As I know your husband is a dedicated vegetarian, it's likely I would cook you a hearty stew! Possibly Oxtail & sweet potato with a side of roasted fennel, feta and super lemony gremolata! 


Any advice for those who think they cannot cook?

Do what you enjoy. Practice until you get it just right and don't stress about it. Cooking should be fun, relaxing, exciting and done in your own way. No pressure, just get involved and learn as you go. 


What is next for you?

More exciting collaborations, travel and exploring for new recipes and discoveries! 

What did you have in mind when first thinking of dishes for the sage&hobbs collaboration?

As it was the beginning of many collaborations we both felt that it made sense to start with breakfast! It also gave us the opportunity to include lots of colour contrast whilst keeping the general vibe rustic, organic and unstructured which would represent the &hobbs brand well. 

Finally, what is your favourite piece of &hobbs furniture?

The beautiful rocking horse with hand painted flowers... I love it.