We are live!

Welcome to the all new &hobbs venture!

This is my very first blog post to mark the opening day of the &hobbs vintage furniture & artwork website & online shop!

I can't begin to explain how thrilled I am to be sitting here typing away looking at the clock waiting to press that button (I have 35minuets until we are live!)!

All the ideas that have been floating around my head are finally out there. I really hope that you like what you see & enjoy future collections & blog posts covering all elements of our everyday life. I already have two exciting posts ready for you very soon.

Life with our featured artist Polly Ruocco. As well as my very special collaboration with Ivy&sage.

The best part to this collaboration is that we are in fact sisters! Merging our passion for food & furniture, there are many images on their way to inspire your home & dinner table.

But enough of whats ahead of us for now, lets savour what is here....this is my very first &hobbs collection, all pieces are carefully picked out my yours truly, with the vision of where they could go & how they adapt into your homes. 

A verity of materials, items & styles I hope that you find your very on little piece of joy for your home.

After all, our homes are there at the end of everyday & if your anything like me, it is where I sign on entry & feel totally able to be myself, no judgments. 

So with the clock ticking I say goodbye for now but a BIG hello as we are now LIVE!