Home, the place that helps you spread your wings

As I mention often my home was a huge part of my upbringing, when times where tough home was where I wanted to be. To this day, this is still the case. I am now twenty-six years old, married and with my first little one on the way...not forgetting my too fluffy offspring Wallace and Olive. So why has this still stuck to me for all these years? The reason why I opened up my 'new post draft' was because I wanted to make the point that my home is what drives me to spread my wings and succeed in this life that I have. Not to stay wrapped up in this one place, but to move around, meet people, situations and to strive in any way that I can. So why does such a strong bond with my home make me able to fly? 

As I am sat here I think of my options, and really in my case I think that it is clear. From a young age petrified of school, scared of things going wrong (in what ever way they could) I begun to have the constant excuse of "I just want to be home" as this is where I felt safest, but really as a family we were always out and about. At the beach, sailing, in the garden or on the chalky coast line of the Isle of Wight. We traveled around with our six-man family tent and really lead a very 'outdoors ' and active family life. There it is, family. The confidence that I felt was with my family. I  think that it is this connection that I still carry with me but on a grander scale. My home is my base, like it was whilst young. It was where we would all end up even if we were separated at times. 

My home is the place where once the door is closed, I am me. My husband is himself and anyone passing can fully be here with us and (hopefully!!) at ease. Its where I am my most creative, on this fresh beginning of this venture (&hobbs). Its where I problem-solve, explore, take stock and create. Sharing each step of this adventure with my family and friends, the adventures of this stage of my life. 

I just hope that my family feel like I do in twenty or so years time, that comfort and strength from their home is what pushes them out. To achieve their goals and break rules. To take a risk, in what ever form that is and know that no matter what, their home is what gives them the strength at the end of their day. 


What is it that drives you and what part does your home have to play in your adventure? 

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