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&hobbs is a vintage furniture & artwork brand. Created by Libby Hobbs, with bundles of passion for product for you & your home. We aim to bring you mindful collections of old & new items with soul. 

Progression- Behind the scenes




Progression- Behind the scenes

Libby Hobbs

I think it is fair to say that there is no element of the &hobbs adventure that I do not adore, yep even the admin! (well may not adore...) However, I have to admit that one of my favourite parts is the styling. The days that I get to put all of the elements together. 

Im always learning new things and I feel that this will only ever continue. There are always so many environments that I scroll through everyday on Instagram and Pinterest, let alone those that I find flicking through my favourite publications that inspire me to push my skills to create moments with character and comfort. Coming from a making background these skills are most definitely in their early stages of development! 

I am so extremely lucky to have Cedar Film CO by my side, capturing the moments that I set up in ways that I can only dream of!

He always seems to catch the light, detail and feeling of the space , creating the environment that I hope for. Clean, fresh, and most importantly unique. Concentrating on the personality behind the pieces and the treasures that I find. 

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from our last product shoot. 

These images are often the ones I love just as much as the product shots! Telling the story of the day and the progression of our style. I am so looking forward to looking back on these in a couple of years time to see where we have come, until then i am making the most of every moment and feel that we can create.