Community Matters

When I begun &hobbs one thing was very clear for me, it wasn't just about my work. It was always intended to be a collective brand where designers and makers can show case their wears.  &hobbs would house an eclectic mix of items to create beautiful pockets with in your home. A place that made you feel confident about building the space in which you live. 

Lately as I am slowly building, editing and creating this brand, a real focus is the creative community around me. As this has always been such a driving element. Living in a rural area with little community around I begun to feel stuck. I feared that I was beginning to loose myself in my own process and not looking out to what surrounds me. Then I took stock, and realised that my creative community was growing but in a different way. Not with those that I was studying with or working alongside. But with those that I follow daily and admire. We are lucky within the creative community that social media has allowed us to share our growth and our ideas with one another wherever we are. 

Blogs, Instagram and twitter have been a real source of inspiration. Beautifully, it has also lead to me physically meeting those creatives and again feeling that sense of building a community. 

Thanks to an abundance of super creative individuals out there, there is a never ending supply of stunning ideas and visions. 

Lola Hoad is a perfect example of a creative that I began to follow and admiring her hand lettered designs. I then became aware of her creative collective ‘onegirlband’, I quickly got in touch and before I knew it I was headed down to Brighton's creative hub Hen Restaurant to meet an inspiring group of talented ladies, all running their own design business's  .

There it was, the community that I had been following and using as my fuel in the flesh. We chatted for two hours solid (and then some). We shared our stories, where we had all come from and where we dreamed we would end up. I left feeling utterly rejuvenated and ready for my next project. 

Since then, I feel that I am meeting more and more creatives through twitter and Instagram. Everyday I find another vision that I can not help but ‘like’, and immediately ‘follow’ and then admire what goodies they then share. 

Being inspired by people that are producing artwork that is so different from my own, but allows my mind to run wild with possibilities. The Honest Jones, a lady with never ending vision and innovation. She seems to create the most ingenious concepts effortlessly making me feel limitless to what we can all create. Against the work of Stephanie Lapre, a contemporary hand embroiderer. With her faultless designs and simply elegant colour pallet, she could fill my home with her creations any day. 

Its introduced me to people that I not only hope to work with in the future, but also those that I look out for. Waiting to whiteness their next idea, their next light bulb moment.

All images are artists own. from left to right, top to bottom.  Oh Someday Jewellery. Lucy Sherston. Grain and Knot. Tess Guinery. Lola Hoad.  The Honest Jones. Amy Ilic. Stephanie Lapre. Linsey Mouse.

All images are artists own. from left to right, top to bottom. 

Oh Someday Jewellery. Lucy Sherston. Grain and Knot. Tess Guinery. Lola Hoad.  The Honest Jones. Amy IlicStephanie Lapre. Linsey Mouse.

This past week has inspired me to continue to find more and more individuals breaking boundaries and producing stunning work.

Who inspires you? Who have helped break your own limits and have built a creative community around you?