pockets of beauty

Whilst away last week in the French alps for our final adventure before baby arrives, something occurred to me.  It was the realisation that often the elements that draw me in are the details. The moments within an environment that are totally individual. They are not the entire picture but they build it.

On our first day in the stunning area of Morzine,  the whether sadly was not playing ball. It was wet, grey and not particularly warm. Sunbathing by the lake simply had to wait.

However, we were not letting that keep us hidden away. We decided to venture out for a walk and see what we could find, with a couple of hot chocolate stops for good measure we were off!

On my way trough small towns and around glacier fed lakes I realised that there were still many a photo to be taken. So i snapped away not expecting anything to really come from them. 

Once back at our lovely little apartment hosted by the wonderful Treeline Chalets , I began to flick through my images from the day.

There they were the pockets of beauty. The details that built up my day.

So, I thought that I would share these pockets, simply edited on my phone. Simply to enjoy as moments where the whether does not need to be perfect or the subject centred. Textures, scenes, light, movement and pattern that made my imperfect day perfect.