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&hobbs is a vintage furniture & artwork brand. Created by Libby Hobbs, with bundles of passion for product for you & your home. We aim to bring you mindful collections of old & new items with soul. 

The Practitioners- a new year of creativity




The Practitioners- a new year of creativity

Libby Hobbs

I am so looking forward to this year! 

Already I feel that it is going to be a pretty busy one! 

Witin our little creative group, there are already exciting projects in the pipe line and many community lead opportunities.

Last year I joined forces with the creative hub that is The Boileroom, and very quickly I realised how many creatives in my local area have their own creative dreams and skills that they are pushing every day! 

To me, I am only as successful as those around me. I feed off of others enthusiasm and creativity! I love hearing what projects others have up their sleeves and I am strong believer that ideas bread ideas. Hearing of a fellows project often inspires a thought process, even if it light years apart in practice. 

This year we will be running craft sessions to spread one another's creative background, and to be honest, to have a good old laugh. The theam of these workshops is 'Rejuvinate' ! Using processes and materials that we have collected and shared. Living in our current society there is something so refreshing in turning an object or material into something that you cherish and are proud of! 

Our first workshop will be a swap shop, bring in an item of furniture or a house hold accessory and share with your creative group. Using materials and paint treatments we will up cycle and transform them ready for a new place in your homes! Materials, finishes and embellishments are also welcome to be added to the swap! 

We will also be holding catch up meetings to support each other in our ventures as creatives and to learn from those in the know about various elements of running a small business! 

If you aren't already and you are in the area come on down and join the collective!