Meet the Maker

Weaving with Amy Ilic

This is a little late...but better late then never hey!

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to have the talented Amy Ilic teaching a beginners weaving class in our gallery space. The gallery was full to the brim with beautifully created hangings and swatches of woven fabrics.

Each setting having a mini loom, a pair of scissors and cotton yarn ready to begin. With piles of yarns to choose from to create an individual piece at the end of the table the possibilities for these little projects were endless. 

Before long the group was off and each taking their own personality to their hanging. The lovely Amy guiding each with little tricks and techniques of knotting and twisting yarn to create texture and personality. 

The thing that struck me the most was how different each piece was becoming. The colour pallets were all stunning, and so reflective of each individual. Each member of the group becoming immersed in their creation. I knew it was going well because each person had their head down chatting to the next person about ideas and focusing intently on what was in hand, not worrying about work or family or chores, just nattering about the little weave they had in front of them. 

At the end of their mornings work each had a beautifully finished piece of artwork for their wall, it was such a lovely day! We look forward to having more weaving workshops in the future!