I am Libby Hobbs, the lady behind this adventure. 

I am a lover of many things, particularly those that have a story. 

I have always been drawn to those that hold details and mysteries. 

Studying in decorative arts, I got a grasp of many methods, materials & processes. Always being described as a butterfly, I often had many projects on the go at once and I am afraid to say that that hasn't changed.

I then went on to working with a textile magazine, running their pop-up shop. Working alongside designers and makers from another perspective really enabled me to see both sids of the design world and gain an understanding of the industry.

My biggest step was then to work with Anthropologie as a display co-ordinator. I learnt so much within this role, making again full-time was so good for my soul and I got to broaden my skills and realise where I wanted to go next....the dream.

My dream for so long now is to create moments of something special, even if it was just for a single person. 

For me my home has always been a safe place, my mother is the best home maker I know, and even when times have been tough financially she knows exactly how to make home feel like nowhere else in the world. 

I want to contribute to that for others. On any scale. 

I collect used and vintage furniture alongside home accessories and aim to the give them another lease of life.

 I feel that we have so many items in our world, and I can contribute to the issue of our throw away society by repairing and reinvigorating what we already have on offer...and boy is there a lot to choose from.

 Not simply items, materials to. Utilising local timber yards and suppliers I aim to predominantly use materials already within our grasp. 

Any maker that joins the &hobbs family shares this same ambition and uses sustainable & carefully resources materials. 

Together we can truly create beautiful homes with little impact on where we live & also...our wallets.