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&hobbs is a vintage furniture & artwork brand. Created by Libby Hobbs, with bundles of passion for product for you & your home. We aim to bring you mindful collections of old & new items with soul. 

The Berbice Chair

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The Berbice Chair

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Come to the &hobbs gallery for a truly inspirational Pop-Up with Erica and her Berbice chair. 

A little about this stunning brand:

The Berbice chair is a great tropical tradition. Also known as a Planters or Plantation chair, it was introduced to the Colony of Berbice by European Plantation owners during the 17th century. The perfect chair to relax in after long tiring days! 

Eight generations back, on my maternal side, Abraham Jacob van Imbyze van Batenburg was a Dutch governor of Berbice and Essequibo (Guyana, S. America) and the patriarch of the tropical branch of our large family. Clearly Abraham would have relaxed after the rigours of his day in a Berbice chair! 

More recently, mid 60's - mid 70's I spent blissful Sundays at No. 63 beach in Berbice, no chairs on the beach itself but kites, cricket, coconut water and miles of sand. My father spent his youth racing motorbikes on that beach often necessitating periods of recuperation in - you guessed it - a Berbice chair! 

To sit back in one is to relinquish your worries and travel to a happy place - try it!



August 5
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