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&hobbs is a vintage furniture & artwork brand. Created by Libby Hobbs, with bundles of passion for product for you & your home. We aim to bring you mindful collections of old & new items with soul. 

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Faodail Woodworks Pop up

Joing our gallery space this Novemebr is the creative couple behind Faodail. A little woodworks company based in Abinger in Surrey (thats just up the road to you locals!)! We are so looking forward to the gallery being adorned in all of their wonderful products! 

Heres a little bit about them! 

Faodail Woodworks was started when Chris was at a crossroads and ultimately decided he wanted to do what he’d enjoyed since he was small - make things. He’s happiest when in his workshop creating. Bex works full time in Finance and luckily for Chris, agreed to help him out. Aside from driving the business forwards, her wonderful creative side has led her to design many of the products we currently make.

'We sell home decor items made from either reclaimed or responsibly sourced FSC approved timber, handmade in the heart of Surrey. 

Our customers are diverse and we love it, whether you’re a husband looking for a gift for his wife or a young couple looking to put a stamp on a newly bought home. We are expanding our product line to appeal to a broader range of people.

We feel we’ve come a long way since we’ve started and want to continue expanding our range and using new techniques and materials- not hard when we have so much inspiration around us. '

We are very excited to showcase our products in &Hobbs and hope to see you there!