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Weaving Workshop with Amy Ilic

A Little about the class and about Amy...

This is a beginner course and also for those who have played a little with weaving and would like to learn a few more techniques or just practice with other weavers and want to ask Amy any questions to develop your weaving skills.

In this workshop Amy will be teaching you how to make your own woven wall hanging. 

You will learn how to warp up and play with texture and colour through making Rya Knots (tassels), half hitch knots, twining, using roving (unspun wool) and weaving and making knots in different ways to create interesting textures, resulting in a very tactile textile wall hanging!

Amy will provide everything that you will need to have a ready to hang Wall Hanging. If you do have a favorite yarn or scissors then please bring them along!

There will be a range of colours and textured yarns to experiment with so that when you leave you will be more educated as to what yarns to buy, where and how to use them.

Weaving is a very addictive craft. The rhythm one gets into when weaving is a great way to unwind and process the day and thoughts. Woven wall hangings are also a massive trend in the interiors world bringing in textured, tactile textiles on your walls. Not only can they be elegant and bring character to an adult home, they are also a perfect decoration for a baby or child’s room, but be careful they won’t stop stroking it! 

Amy is an interior Designer and a Weaver, designing and weaving home and fashion accessories. She is very interested in wellbeing and how craft affects emotional health positively, slowing down in a fast world.

She is very passionate about weaving and loves to talk about the subject and answering any questions that will help you on your journey of becoming a weaver!