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Natural dyes& macramé

I have a great passion for the out doors and exploring our wonderful surroundings. I love to make and teach others how to make beautiful things using natural materials and items found on our doorsteps.

Using natural, Eco friendly and fair trade items are hugely important to me when creating. It's not just about design, it's about materials, textures, colours and where things come from. It's so easy to go into a shop and pick up something pretty, but to make your own or to buy from a maker who takes care when sourcing and making is far more precious.

During this workshop you will make a Macrame wall hanging using a hazel stick (cut from my back garden) and unbleached cotton. Macrame is an amazing art, not only does it look beautiful but getting lost in the knotting is very therapeutic. I will then show you how to create natural dyes from items found in kitchen waste and flora from most people's gardens or public areas. You will then use natural dyes to dip dye your wall hanging. Whilst they are soaking we will have lunch and wait to see the results! (Lunch will be provided... Vegan, veggie and wheat free options.)

It's amazing how much waste we produce from our kitchens yet we could do so much more with it. Experimenting with natural dyes is very exciting and the colours that can be made are truly spectacular. The wall hanging you make will not only be eye catching but also a great talking point. There is so much to explore in things that are discarded or simply over looked.

June 17th