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Sensory Journey: Releasing / NOW FULL


Sensory Journey: Releasing 

Integrative wellbeing therapist Ati Balding aka @surreyhillswellness practices ‘kindfulness’ and runs Sensory Journey experiences. 

Sensory Journeys use all the senses: sight, sound, scent, touch and movement and include techniques/ exercises and meditations around specific topics. Each journey starts with a simple eating or ‘doing / active’ exercise and ends with a movement meditation.

During this session Ati will run a Sensory Journey aiming to support you through this busy and often conflicting time of year.  


Is there a part of you - maybe your mind, your heart  or even your body feeling stuck, restricted with the push pull drama between the head and heart? We will work on releasing a little in order to gain space and clarity. 

There will also be a grounding and restorative meditation as part of this session. 

Session runs 60-75 minutes