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&hobbs is a vintage furniture & artwork brand. Created by Libby Hobbs, with bundles of passion for product for you & your home. We aim to bring you mindful collections of old & new items with soul. 



We are so happy to be featuring Polly's artwork, a constant inspiration to us. 

Studying time, Polly hand draws each line creating such wonderfully ink studies. 

When Polly & I first discussed a collaboration we were both so excited too see how we would merge both our individual styles whilst keeping their identity. 

From pieces of &hobbs furniture Polly then worked with her line drawings to create a collection of imagery inspired by the geometric shapes and crossing of patterns. 

With clean purposeful lines, gradient & stunning tone Polly has created fresh feeling illustrations that have a purposefully feeling behind them. 

When I interviewed Polly for the blog I asked her my all time favourite question:

What is an essential in your own home? She answered..."Order, simplicity, space and light." I think this is reflected in her work so beautifully! 


To Meet Polly and here all about her art work and her life as a freelance stylist head over to the blog

Polly is available for commissions via email: instagram: @pollyruocco