Detox- bath salt scrub

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The Honest Detox salt and oil bath scrub will clarify and eliminate toxins.  Invigorating Grapefruit and purifying rosemary will energise and enhance your body, mind and soul, while hydrating your skin leaving it glowing and nourished .

Massaging the skin in circular motion with salts and oils will encourage the release of toxins and will promote healing and renewal. 

Ingredients and benefits:

SEA SALT: Will exfoliate dead skin cells ,regenerate and increase blood flow, improve cellulite and heal.  The sodium contained in sea water helps the body to remove toxins . Contains minerals , balances skin moisture, improves the circulation of lymphatic fluid. Salts have  many medicinal benefits , your skin will glow with health.

THISTLE : Excellent source of essential fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6. Keeps skin soft and elastic. High in vitamin e. Clears congested skin . Boosts the quality and appearance of skin.

VITAMIN E: Interacts directly with the skin cells. Neutralising free radicals in the skin.

PEPPERMINT : Purifying and cleansing .

ROSEMARY : Increases circulation.

GRAPEFRUIT :Energising. Relieves anxiety and disperses negative energy while having a positive effect on the lymphatic system.


Handmade in Birmingham by Honest Skincare 

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Additional Info

This item is produced by Honest, handmade in Birmingham with 100% natural ingredients. Their philosophy is that less is more. They utilise natures beauty and care to use within our everyday lives. Only tested on humans, no testing on animals.