Tote bag

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Totty Bag. 

Uashmama, made in Tuscany by the Marconi family. Based on the traditional tote handbag the Uashmama bags are made with paper. Not any paper, this fibre is designed and constructed to behave like leather. Impregnated with wax this bag is as durable as the leather bags before it being waterproof, wipeable and will stand up to everyday challenges. 

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UASHMAMA a name, a project of life, to be experienced all round.

Many interweaved factors, as the same weaves that make it unique. A weave of natural fibres that turn a simple sheet of paper into something with different shapes. Innumerable and always new according to taste and trend, which does not follow any type of fashion, but only the inspiration of its creator Marco Marconi.

He is the one who transformed a weave of simple fibres into something different and animated, and had the idea of proposing paper that has multiform aspects and characteristics.

A washable paper that evokes sensations of warmth, similar to leather and completely natural; this is its greatest strength.