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Dor and Tan Shallow footed bowl

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Shallow footed bowl, designed by our head potter Sharron Page Stocks in collaboration with eco-chef Tom Hunt. These ceramics were created for a Five Element Feast event where he served up his interpretation of the five Chinese Elements. 

This shallow bowl makes a wonderful pasta bowl and has an intriguingly touchable texture on the exterior. The interior is a soft, matte white glaze which beautifully contrasts with its outer surface.

If you want to read more into this collaboration, the story behind it all can be found here on Sharron's website. 

Designer: Sharron Page Stocks
Dimensions: Ø20 H4 CM
Origin: Handmade by us in St Ives, Cornwall 


Each vessel is food safe and has been independently tested. Hand washing with care is recommended to maintain the unique quality of each piece.

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Shallow Footed Bowl.jpg