Quiet minds

Today's thoughts.

I was lucky enough to have some time this afternoon, whilst my little man was snoozing with grandma to take Wallace (the original child, in the form of a working dachshund) up on the health as the sun was setting.

I never fail to be amazed by the beauty up there and feel so greatfull that it is so close to our home. 

As I strolled over crunchy frozen ground, with clear skies above me, I realised  something about my mind. It is ver truly quiet. Thus far I have on our walk I had been going over conversations that I need to have, texts yet to write, emails to send and work to complete. What I needed to do for Einar, my home and all with a background of the stunning tunes of FIrst Aid Kit ( what I use to get Einar to snooze). 

So, how often do we actually allow our minds be fully clear. Many of us aim to have a moment of every day to be ourselves and to give us time to wind down. Weather it be with exercise, being outdoors, cooking, whatever makes us tick. After this afternoons realisation, I am so keen to find out if whilst submersed in these moments for us, are our minds actually able to relax? To switch off from our everyday lives and what they contain. Or are they simply another time in which we process our lives? I would love to hear if this is something that you achieve or have battled with. 

I know that many people strive whilst being busy, I would consider myself one of them. So perhaps it is in us to maintain that pace in order to feel happy and content? 

Is this healthy in the long run, to constantly be running? Or do we all physically need time...need physical and mental silence?