Just a quick little blog post to say hello! 

I have taken a little time away from &hobbs to spend with my baby boy, this time has be oh so worth it! The moments with him have truly been so wonderful! I feel that I have changed so much in the last year and all thanks to him I see things in so many ways! 

Its not all sweet, these last few months have shown me challenges of all kinds. Mainly battles within my self as an individual, mother, wife, friend and within my work.

Slowly becoming more and more anxious I decided recently that I needed to take control of this and choose what life I lead rather than falling into a particular lifestyle where I always compare my self to others and feel inferior. I may well be that sometimes, but heck at least id be doing what makes me and my family happy. 

SO I have taken the jump, I'm back to work and my little man is in toe! (apologies now for any delayed responses or hectic meetings with this little rascal!) 

Im expanding &hobbs in so many ways, in areas that I had put on my dream shelves and thought that Id focus on them when Einar is older....nope its a'happening now! 

Im also aiming to explore more with my husband Josh, we have always wanted to work together! He is an awesome carpenter...serious skills. I have the heady visions and 'what if we did that!!"...moments. So between the two of us we are currently in the early stages of designing our own range of home furniture. More will be reviled and shared very soon! 

Alongside projects with the creative community that surrounds me I literally cannot wait for the next six months. By no means is this a llm going to be perfect, but I am so looking forward to figuring it all out very soon!

I am in such a fortunate position where I can work alongside my little crew (literally gurgling grub in the background) and we together can create this life that lays before us. I just want to make him proud so, I'm rolling up my sleeves, getting my notebook out and dreaming big. 

Please do comment below on how you have gotten on when becoming a new mum, or childless figuring out what lifestyle you want to live! Inspriation grows when shared people!